TEOAE Probe Test

11 June 2021
10 mins

Probe performance is crucial to TEOAE test results. We recommend that you conduct a probe test at the beginning of each day before starting to test on patients to ensure that the probe is functioning correctly.

  • Before conducting the probe test, ensure that the probe tip is clean and free of wax and/or debris.
  • Always conduct the probe test in a quiet test environment.
  • Only use the recommended cavity for testing. Using a different type of cavity may either not detect probe faults or may incorrectly indicate a faulty probe.


Performing the Probe Test

  1. Select the Probe Test TEOAE protocol on the handheld device or in the PC software.

  2. Insert the probe tip without an ear tip attached into the Probe Test Cavity* or the 0.5cc** cavity provided with the Titan. Press the Start button and let the test run until it stops (approx. 30 seconds). Do not stop the test manually.
  3. If the probe is functioning correctly, none of the TE bands will have a checkmark above them when the test ends. It is possible to continue with daily testing.

  4. If error messages appear during testing or if one or more of the TE bands has a checkmark above it at the end of the test, the probe test has failed. Check and clean the probe tip for wax or debris and redo the probe test. If the probe test fails a second time, the Titan must not be used to test on patients. Contact your local distributor for assistance.

Note: Failure of the daily probe test also indicates that TEOAE measurements performed since the last successful probe test may be invalid and patients may need to be retested. Hence, the importance of performing the probe test daily.

For more information about the probe test, please refer to the Titan Instructions for Use Manual.

* A specifically designed Probe Test Cavity will be available for use shortly. Until such time, please use the 0.5cc cavity provided with Titan. **The 0.5 cc cavity simulates the impedance of neonate and adult ears to an acceptable level for the daily Probe Test. We discourage the use of smaller cavities for the daily check in neonatal screening as such a cavity is not representative of a neonate ear due to soft tissue in the ear canal.



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