Founded on care

Pierre Honoré and Michael Davis founded Interacoustics in 1967 to help hearing-impaired people, particularly children. Here, more than 50 years later, this is still at our very core when we develop new diagnostic equipment for hearing care professionals. Learn more about our history below.


Driving audiology and balance

We look into a bright future for our hearing healthcare equipment, always centered around our brand promise ‘science made smarter’.


Affinity Compact – Clever made compact

Before the COVID-19 lockdowns, we launched Affinity Compact. An elegant hearing aid fitting system for hearing aid dispensers and audiologists.


New Interacoustics headquarters

We moved into new, state-of-the art facilities in Middelfart, Denmark. This laid the foundation for another 50 years of technological advancement.


Titan – built for the future

We launched the Titan in 2009, which combines OAE, automated ABR and tympanometry. Wideband tympanometry was soon to follow. To this day, Titan is one of our best-selling products.


Advanced vestibular solutions

Our collaboration with high-tech balance companies accelerated, allowing us to sell some of the most advanced equipment for assessment and diagnosis of vestibular disorders.


From stand-alone hardware to software-based products

In 1999, we launched our first PC-based product – the MedPC. This ABR system was a combination of a regular PC and measurement hardware built into one wooden box. The MedPC was the forerunner of the current Eclipse as we know it today.


Expansion in distribution

The number of countries in which we sell our products rose fast during the first 20 years. When eastern Europe opened up in the 1990s, we could expand our distribution presence in the world. Today, we sell our equipment through 25 of our own sales companies and more than 100 external distributors.


Expanding our portfolio with hearing aid fitting equipment

We developed and sold our first hearing aid fitting system, MS20. Followed by the Affinity and most recently, the Affinity Compact.


New Assens location

We outgrew the farm premises and built a new head office at Drejervænget in Assens. Over the following 20 years, production grew and we expanded our facilities several times.


AZ2 – first impedance audiometer

AZ2 allowed for middle ear evaluations. Today, both Titan and AT235 are our flagships when it comes to efficient middle ear assessment.


The old farmhouse

After a few years of running the business from Honoré’s own private home, Interacoustics moved to an old farmhouse close to Assens, Denmark.


First audiometer

Interacoustics first audiometer was characterized by its brown wooden case, resemblant of Bang & Olufsen at the time. It measured 11 frequencies from 125-8000 Hz and included a manual and a pulsing mode. It was a very well-equipped audiometer at the time.


The beginning of Interacoustics

Pierre Honoré (Dane) and Michael Davis (American) founded Interacoustics in Assens, Denmark, selling equipment to schools for the deaf.

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