Frequently Asked Questions

What is real ear measurement?

Real ear measurement, also referred to as hearing aid verification, is a method to objectively measure what a hearing aid is doing in the ear canal.

Affinity Compact, Affinity 2.0, and Callisto™ can all perform real ear measurements.

What is a hearing aid test box?

A hearing aid test box is a sound-isolated chamber used to measure and verify hearing aid performance.

They can either be standalone or embedded within a hearing aid fitting system.

Interacoustics offers the TBS25 and TBS10 standalone hearing aid test boxes.

What does a hearing aid test box do?

A hearing aid test box conducts valid measurements of hearing aid performance.

This includes digital signal processing (DSP) functions such as directionality, noise reduction and feedback suppression.

You can also use test boxes to test bone-anchored hearing instruments and for coupler-based hearing aid fitting.

What is visible speech mapping?

Visible speech mapping gives you a live view of a hearing aid’s performance against your client’s hearing loss.

Affinity Compact, Affinity 2.0, and Callisto™ can all perform visible speech mapping.

Science made smarter
Science made smarter is not just a vision. It’s a brand promise that communicates bravery and leadership and sets us apart from others in the hearing healthcare industry.

"Affinity Compact is beautifully designed. The box is wonderful. It has a sweet touch and you have this new changing light. Affinity Compact brings more specificity at the high frequencies, and this is where we find most of the hearing loss among our patients. It gives you a good feeling when you have all the materials to make the best fitting and your patient feels happy about your job. What more could you want?"

Alexandre Durand
B.Sc. Audiologist at Sonance Audition, Castries, France

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