TBS25 outperforms larger test boxes by 25-40 dB at low frequencies. The test box provides a perfect environment for hearing instrument testing (HIT) down to input levels of 35 dB SPL. Combine TBS25 with hearing aid fitting solutions from Interacoustics.
Additional TBS10 test chamber.

Dedicated test box

TBS25 offers superior noise reduction. The device uses a closable lid and sound-absorbing material to provide the best conditions for hearing aid verification. This secures very high noise reduction and a ideal testing environment that complies with ANSI and IEC standards.

Directional microphones

TBS25 approximates free field conditions above 500 Hz and has its speaker in the same vertical plane as inserted hearing aids. This facilitates testing of directional microphones.

Non-linear hearing aids

Non-linear circuits are sensitive to ambient noise, which can trigger performance changes. Automatic noise reduction features in modern hearing aid technology, such as averaging, cannot over come this effect. The solution is therefore to provide enough attenuation to block unwanted noise. The noise reduction of TBS25 allows measurements of hearing aid performance down to input levels of 35 dB SPL.

A presentable device

We are well aware that it is important for you to provide a clean setting for your fitting appointments. TBS25 accommodates this with internal cable routing, which eliminates the need for visible cables between your couplers and reference microphones.

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