We care for people and the climate, and aim to bring sustainability into the way we do business.

Founded on care

Interacoustics was founded on the belief to improve the lives of people. We were dedicated to helping the hearing-impaired by providing equipment for schools for the deaf.

Over the years, this perspective has expanded, but we still strive to make a difference for people by providing equipment to doctors and specialists worldwide who help their patients increase the quality of life.

Hearing healthcare

Interacoustics seeks to contribute to the sustainability development goals set out by United Nations in 2015. Our sustainability work is centered around world health and well-being as hearing healthcare is and has always been the main focus of our business.
With our balance systems, doctors can assess and treat balance disorders that cause people to feel dizzy and unable to live normal lives for years.
Our newborn hearing screening tools ensure that babies with a hearing loss are detected as early as possible so early intervention can be initiated. This gives hearing impaired children the opportunity to learn to talk and develop social capabilities as any other child.

Hearing care research

Interacoustics is heavily involved in hearing care research in Denmark and all over the world collaborating with scientists and researchers at universities to develop new and better methods of hearing testing. We also have our own Interacoustics Research Unit, based in Copenhagen. This group of dedicated people are carrying out applied research and deliver solutions to the challenges faced by the clinical community.

Sustainability activities

Today, our caring perspective goes beyond the hearing healthcare industry. We feel obliged to care for our surroundings, the environment and the local communities in which we are based.

Our sustainable activities are centered around:

  • Environment & climate
  • Society & local community
  • People & Culture
  • Business ethics & governance

Environment & Climate

We have a clear ambition to reduce our environmental footprint. We are constantly finding ways to reduce our CO2 emissions and to better utilize waste and hard-to-decompose substances.

Active steps to reduce environmental footprint

Interacoustics is one of the first manufacturers of audiometric solutions in the world to be certified according to ISO 14001. With this environmental management system in place, we have defined ambitious goals and procedures for reducing our impact on the environment and climate.

Society & Local Community

Supporting hearing healthcare communities

In relevant cases, Interacoustics supports local hearing communities.
For instance, we have donated equipment to the Norwegian Hard of Hearing’s exchange program in Malawi. With this donation, the exchange program has been able to test people in rural areas of Malawi and to teach local hearing healthcare professionals at a school for hearing-impaired children.

Photo: Bjørn Owe-Holmberg

We have also donated equipment to the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss’ pediatric program in Nepal. With this donation, community ear health workers and professionals in Nepal are beginning to screen and diagnose babies and very young children with hearing loss.

Supporting the headquarters’ local community

It is important for us to support our headquarters’ local community. Whether it is the local football team in Middelfart – or local social initiatives such as Red Cross initiatives to help vulnerable children get a week’s holiday, Interacoustics is proud to help the people and community in Middelfart to make the local community a better place to live and work.

People & Culture

Employee engagement and wellbeing

Our employees are our biggest asset. Their well-being and engagement is a top priority in our daily work. We also work dedicated with employee engagement programs as well as talent development.

Diversity and inclusion

Interacoustics honors diversity and fosters an un-biased inclusive culture with equal opportunities.

Business Ethics & Governance

Supply management

At Interacoustics we comply with all rules and regulations, and we always strive to conduct our business with high ethical standards. For instance, we ensure that our suppliers live up to our high morals on business ethics, anti-corruption and labor practice. Our suppliers are selected carefully and in accordance with our Supplier Code of Conduct.
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