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Babett enjoying her work at her desk.

Breaking the stereotypes of being a female engineer

09 February 2024
Babett is one of 9 engineers at the mechanical team at Interacoustics’ R&D department – but only one of three women. W...
Aspen Bombardo (student) and Elizabeth Grossman (student) teaming up to perform Dix-Hallpike testing on a patient experiencing dizziness.

Taking vestibular testing outside of the clinic: Part II

05 February 2024
In June 2023, with the support of the William Demant Foundation, Dr. Daniel Romero and audiology students from Vanderbilt ...
Patient sat on examination bed with cVEMP electrode montage and looking toward a computer screen with an EMG monitor. The Interacoustics Eclipse is resting on a table next to the patient.

10 things I wish I knew when first using the Eclipse

22 January 2024
When I first graduated as a Master of Science in Audiology in 2020, I started as an Audiologist at the University Hospital...
Clinician explaining Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT) test results to client

Trends in hearing aid fitting

23 November 2023
The hearing aid fitting landscape is changing, and likewise the trends we see in this discipline. In some parts of the wor...
Interacoustics booth at EUHA 2022

EUHA Congress 2024

25 October 2023
After a fantastic EUHA 2023 in Nuremberg, our eyes are already peeled toward the EUHA 2024 congress in Hannover, October 1...
Clinician performing ACT test in client. The client is wearing a blue shirt, has headphones on, and is holding a patient response button. In the background, the clinician is operating the ACT software on a computer screen.

Interacoustics introduces the Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT™) test: A revolutionary test that will change the way we think about hearing aid fitting

17 October 2023
Following several years of research, Interacoustics is thrilled to bring the game-changing ‘Audible Contrast Threshold’ te...
Female patient pointing toward audiometry software with male clinician looking on remotely via web cam

Audiology in the future: Looking towards 2030

14 September 2023
What does the future hold for audiology? Will audiologists be needed in the future? Four experts give their opinions on th...
Two audiology students performing supine positional test in patient wearing VNG goggles

Taking vestibular testing outside of the clinic

22 August 2023
While humanitarian trips are often taken by audiologists for the purposes of addressing hearing concerns, taking earmold i...
A GFCHL representative and two Nepali CEHWs performing visual reinforcement audiometry in a young child inside an audiometric booth. The child is sat on their father’s lap.

Donated Interacoustics equipment makes life-changing differences in Nepal

10 August 2023
In May 2023, the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss (GFCHL) launched a multi‑year pediatric program in Nepal...

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