Environmental Sustainability

We care for our planet and are taking active steps to reduce our environmental footprint and carbon emissions.

A sustainable future

At Interacoustics, we have taken steps to ensure that we think sustainability into the way we do business. We have set ambitious but realistic objectives to lower our carbon emissions and reduce our environmental impact.

We aim to:
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our products – from energy consumption to disposal
  • Reduce packaging materials and increase the amount of recycled materials
  • Reduce our carbon emissions from purchased goods and transportation

Towards sustainable products

We strive to address the entire Interacoustics product lifecycle – from the supply of components to end of life of products. This will help us, and our customers, reach our sustainability objectives.

1. Materials

We use materials that comply with relevant regulation ensuring that our products meet environmental standards.

2. Purchased goods

What we buy and how it is delivered to us matters - we work continuously with suppliers and shipping companies to reduce their environmental footprint.

3. Production & Packaging

In production, we strive to use fewer materials and consume less energy. When packing your new equipment, we aim to use less packaging material and more sustainable materials.

4. Delivery

We work continuously to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping our products.

5. Use

Our products are designed for long life, with most components being easily replaceable when worn-out. Frequent software updates also ensure long-lasting solutions that perform precise tests for many years.

6. End of life

Many of our products are designed for easy disassembly allowing for correct disposal of worn-out equipment. We also aim to label all plastic parts according to type to ensure correct material recycling.

Enhancing our environmental performance

Interacoustics is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. Our Environmental Management System specifies objectives and measures for our environmental performance and contributes to our environmental pillar of sustainability.

The new ISO 14001 certified environmental management system is a great tool for Interacoustics to translate our passion for doing something for the environment into effective actions that will actually make a difference.
Merete Rath, Quality Director, Interacoustics

Building sustainability into the design

To reduce the environmental and climate impact of our products, we have integrated environmental considerations into our product design process.

We consider:

  • Use of recycled plastic (most of our current products already contain 10-15% reused plastic)
  • Reduction of components that cannot be recycled
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste generation at end-of-life

In this way, we benefit from innovation and new technology and can take a strategic and considered approach to product sustainability.

Eco-friendly packaging

In our main production, we use cardboard boxes that are made from FSC or recycled resources. The tape used for closing the boxes is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Furthermore, we have introduced packaging materials that are more sustainable:

  • 48% of our plastic bags are made from recycled materials.
  • Bubble foil for protection inside the cardboard boxes are made from 100% ocean waste plastics
  • Stretch foil (used for pallet wrapping) are made from 80% recycled materials

In 2022, we reduced plastic bags shipped with products by 10% compared to 2021. We did not manage to reduce this number further in 2023 and will therefore look into how we can improve this area.

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