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Are you looking for new inspiration or ways to upgrade your qualifications in audiology and balance? Find your next course below and see where you can meet us in 2020.

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25-26 June. 2020 - Grapevine, Texas, US

A Case-Study Approach to Clinical Assessment of Vestibular Function

Kamran Barin, Ph.D.
Devin L. McCaslin, Ph.D.

This two-day course provides an interactive guide for clinical assessment of vestibular function. A case-study approach is undertaken where the attendees are presented the history and asked to decide which vestibular test or tests are the most appropriate ones for the patient. After a brief review of the available tests, such as VNG, vHIT, VEMP, the results will be presented and discussed for each case. The cases include both peripheral vestibular disorders such as vestibular neuritis and Meniere’s disease as well as central disorders such as stroke and multiple sclerosis.

21-23 October. 2020 - Chicago, Illinois, US

Comprehensive Guide to Administration and Interpretation of Vestibular Tests

Kamran Barin, Ph.D.
Michelle R. Petrak, Ph.D.

This course provides a comprehensive guide to the administration and interpretation of vestibular tests. VNG testing is covered during the first two days and the more advanced tests such as vHIT, VEMPs, rotation chair, etc. are covered on the third day.

The course begins at a basic level and proceeds systematically through more challenging topics as each step in the administration of the test is discussed in detail. For each part of the test, tracings and video clips of both normal and abnormal results are presented and the clinical implications of abnormal findings are discussed. Guidelines are provided to distinguish valid results from artifacts and to avoid common errors.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will learn how to prepare the patient, to perform vestibular tests and analyze the results, to differentiate valid findings from artifacts, to identify different abnormal findings and describe their clinical significance, and to write an informative report.

Upcoming tradeshows

3 - 4 July, 2020,
Paris, FR


27 - 29 August, 2020,
Como, IT

HEAL 2020

6 - 9 September, 2020,
Madrid, ES

Bárány 2020

13 - 16 September, 2020,
Boston, US


7 - 9 October, 2020,
Hannover, DE


9 - 11 November, 2020,
Odense, DK


14 - 15 November, 2020,
Manchester, UK


14 - 17 April, 2021,
Denver, US

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