Hearing and balance

A full product range

Our product range covers the entire field of hearing and balance assessment and is developed with a strong focus on ease of use, future-safe solutions and integration across platforms. These are key factors, because we realize the importance of diagnostic instruments and software that not only solve your task at hand, but also simplify your working procedures.
ABR solutions from Interacoustics


Auditory evoked potentials
OAE solutions from Interacoustics


Otoacoustic emissions
Titan tympanometer from Interacoustics


The future of hearing assessment
Audiometers from Interacoustics


A cornerstone of our company
Callisto hearing aid fitting instrument from Interacoustics

Hearing Aid Fitting

Supplying dispensers since 1988
VisualEyes for vestibular investigations from Interacoustics


Complete solution for the balance clinic
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Features and/or functions may not be available for all countries or all areas and product specifications are subject to change without prior notification.