PA5 free field audiometer


Pediatric testing made comfortable
The PA5 is a free field audiometer designed for trained healthcare professionals involved in testing young children. It features Onehanded operation, silent buttons and a variety of light and sound stimuli.

Conditioned Orientation Response

Typically, two PA5s are used for the COR test, one in each hand. This allows the tester to use either unit to evoke head turn and provide visual reinforcement.

The single-handed controls on the PA5 give full control over frequency and intensity and make the test process quick, flexible and comfortable.

Audiometric headphone

With children old enough to cooperate, it is possible to connect a single TDH39 headphone to the PA5 and obtain audiometric thresholds.

With a headphone attached, the PA5 automatically adjusts to the correct calibration for the TDH39.

Silent presentation buttons

The two stimuli, light and sound, are controlled silent buttons. Both stimuli can be presented simultaneously by letting one finger touch both buttons.

This gives full freedom in operating COR, VRA and APR tests.

Young baby boy lying on a carpet with toys. Clincian holding the PA5 audiometer close to his right ear Young baby boy lying on a carpet with toys. Clincian holding the PA5 audiometer close to his right ear

Improved sensitivity

The PA5 includes white noise as well as warble and narrow band stimuli. White noise has been shown to be especially useful for evoking responses in the early months.

More benefits

  • Flashing Light Stimulation

  • TDH39 Audiometric Headphone (Optional)
  • Robust, Lightweight
  • Standard AA Batteries
  • Automatic Battery Switch
  • Automatic Battery Indication

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