Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT™)

Help your clients hear better in noise

Conversations made clearer

Do your clients often complain they cannot hear and understand what people are saying in noisy environments – even with their hearing aids on?
ACT is a revolutionary test that quickly provides you with insights into your client’s hearing ability in noise. By performing ACT in your clients, you will be in a much better position to help them perform well in noisy environments.

Changing the world of hearing aid fitting

ACT addresses the number one complaint from people with hearing loss: hearing speech in noisy situations. With ACT, you can measure the quality of hearing and not just the level of hearing. By knowing the quality of hearing, you can confidently personalize the hearing aid fitting.

Fast and easy

ACT only takes an average of 2 minutes and is easy to perform. If you know how to perform an audiogram, you can easily perform ACT.

Suitable for all clients

ACT is a language-independent test, allowing you to achieve optimal results regardless of your client’s native language or dialect.

Personalized hearing care

Use the outcome of the test - the ACT value - to support the fitting of advanced adaptive features in any hearing aid.

Hearing care made personalized

ACT is a truly personalized test and applies your client’s pure tone audiogram to ensure audibility. Two people may have identical audiograms, but completely different ACT values. The ACT value predicts aided speech-in-noise performance. You are therefore in a much better position to make informed decisions on advanced hearing aid features and manage your client’s expectations.



The complete hearing diagnosis

Easy to implement in your clinical flow

Using the same setup as for audiometry, you can perform the ACT test right after the audiogram.



Supplement measures


"Did you know that 86% of hearing aid users complain they have trouble hearing conversations in noisy places?"1
1 Manchaiah, V., Picou, E. M., Bailey, A., & Rodrigo, H. (2021). Consumer ratings of the most desirable hearing aid attributes. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 32(8), 537-546.
Beck, D. L., Ng, E., Jensen, J. J. (2019). A scoping review 2019: OpenSound navigator. The Hearing Review 26(2), 28-31

Research made into patient care

ACT is an evidence-based test invented by the Interacoustics Research Unit (IRU).
It is based on years of research with leading scientists and universities around the world.

Use your Affinity
Compact for ACT

To perform ACT, you will need an ACT license for your Affinity Compact.

Baseline for better
first fit

Learn more about how you can use the result of your ACT test to help your client hear better in noise.

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