Advanced made flexible

Customize your Titan for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing. Match the modules with your current needs – and upgrade when your challenges change.

The Titan delivers Impedance, ABRIS, OAE and the revolutionary Wideband Tympanometry.

Let your equipment and needs interact

The Titan from Interacoustics is a modular platform that lets you combine the tools you need with handheld freedom and full flexibility – from one trusted supplier.

  • Screening

  • Diagnostic
  • Advanced Clinical

Built for the future

Every Titan software module is developed based on proven technologies and feedback from users and audiology experts.

Features are developed in sync with your changing needs and contain the latest technologies making the Titan a futuresafe investment.

A preview of the benefits

  • High resolution color display

  • Patient-centered testing through multiple probe and transducer configurations
  • Handheld and PC mode for full flexibility
  • Easy to use with even a minimum of technical understanding
  • Supreme usability through storage of calibration values in probe and ID transducers

Easy handling

From standard screening to advanced diagnostics, the Titan is created with superior usability in mind. From pre-set protocols to customized settings, you will benefit from intuitive interfaces and a professional design.


Your multi-tasking business partner

Titan is available in a screening, diagnostic or clinical version. It features standard tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflexes, reflex decay and reflex latency, as well as three Eustachian tube function tests.

The fastest, most reproducible tympanometry available

Titan delivers tympanometry through advanced technologies. These include: “Endless airflow” pressure control technology, high resolution recordings and an intelligent pump system with an adaptive speed control around the tympanic peak.

Titan comes with:

  • Three Eustachian tube function tests

    Intact, perforated and patulous
  • Ipsi and contra acoustic reflexes

    Quick screenings at a single intensity or fast threshold searches
  • Reflex decay

    Ipsilateral as well as contralateral stimulation
  • Reflex latency

    Detailed investigation at the onset of the reflex
  • Optional high frequency probe tones

    (678, 800 and 1000Hz)
  • Shoulder unit and probe indicator LED

    For ease of use and visual feedback of status

Wideband Tympanometry

Wideband Tympanometry – WBT – expands our understanding of the middle ear. WBT adds a new dimension in differential diagnostics.

One sweep: Multiple tympanograms

Differentiate pathologies with the aid of a powerful 3D image of tympanometric data across a full range of frequency and pressure. The power of a click alternative to measure at peak pressure.

The power of a click

The Click stimulus unlocks the power of Multi-Frequency Tympanometry in the same time as testing a single frequency.
The 3D result reveals information of middle ear performance at any frequency across a full range of pressure change.

Combine with OAE and automated ABR

WBT provides missing data about middle ear conductive issues that will enhance a diagnosis based either on OAE or ABR alone.

3D graphs

Absorbance is revealed in a multidimensional graph that enables the clinician to have an immediate understanding of middle ear performance across frequency and pressure. Diagnostic interpretation is made easy with a clear map of middle ear function.

No extra skills required

WBT is easy and yet comprehensive. Differential diagnostics are made much more intuitive with the aid of overlaid normative data. Compare to illustrated examples of elusive pathology.

Automated ABR in seconds

Automated ABR

The automated ABR module uses the CE-Chirp® stimulus and weighted averaging to reduce test times by up to 50% compared to traditional click stimuli.

With an easy-to-understand display, HiTrack compatibility and user customizable protocols, the Titan combines fast, quality testing with unrivaled usability.

Simply press “START”

Following patient preparation, simply press start and await a pass/refer result. Minimal test time is required and the default CE-Chirp® (35 dB nHL) protocol provides a reliable automated ABR test with a sensitivity of 99.9% and a specificity of more than 96%.

Choose from four transducers that are automatically detected when connected to the preamplifier.

CE-Chirp® Stimulus family

Stimuli that compensate for the cochlear travel time. The result is a response amplitude up to twice the size compared to a standard click.


OAE modules with specialized advantages: diagnostic OAE assessment and newborn hearing screening.

With you through any challenge

The screening versions offer speed, precision and user-friendliness. The Titan ensures exact intensity stimulation throughout the test and monitors the ongoing noise resulting in the most accurate results achievable. Combined with Bayesian weighted averaging that counteracts excess patient noise, the software is extremely efficient especially for infant screening.

The clinical versions provide unsurpassed flexibility and a comprehensive frequency range for a full diagnostic evaluation. Customizable protocols offer an unlimited number of tests utilizing a multitude of parameters including stimuli, intensity, stop criteria and much more.

Both modules are capable of performing pressurized OAE measurements, which is especially useful when testing infants & younger children with middle ear conditions. The technique reduces the effects of negative middle ear pressure and more children can potentially be diagnosed earlier.

Screening highlights

  • DP range 0.5-6 kHz

  • TE range 1-4.5 kHz (60-84 dB SPL)

  • Customizable PASS/REFER criteria
  • Bayesian weighted averaging
  • Noah and Hitrack compatibility

  • 226 Hz tympanometry

  • Pressurized OAE (optional)

Clinical highlights

  • DP range 0.5-10 kHz

  • TE range 0.5-5.5 kHz (30-90 dB SPL)

  • Fully customizable protocols
  • Manually controlled test time
  • Unlimited test points
  • Bayesian weighted averaging
  • Noah and Hitrack compatibility

  • DP Input/Output test
  • 226 Hz tympanometry

  • Operate from Titan or PC
  • Pressurized OAE

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