Cart with computer and testing equipment.


Remote Audiology System

Extend your geographical reach and see more patients with less travel.

Entdecken Sie die Features von RAS Tabletop und Mobile
Cart with computer and testing equipment.

Assisted audiology with RAS

The Interacoustics RAS system is a teleaudiology solution providing you with the option to perform audiological services remotely.
Drawing of clinic setup.

With the RAS system, audiologists can conduct a full hearing appointment flow without being present. In this set-up the assistant functions as the remote audiologist’s hands and eyes.

The RAS solution is particular relevant in rural areas and where audiologists or other skilled hearing care professionals are a shortage.

RAS Tabletop (TT), & RAS (TT) Mobile Solutions

Remote Audiology Systems (RAS) mobile systems provide the necessary components to remote-connect with patients. Our mobile systems are customizable and include video-conferencing tools and your choice of diagnostic hardware and software options:

  • Affinity Compact (AUD/REM/VSP)
  • Callisto™ (AUD/REM/VSP)
  • Equinox (AUD/REM or AUD)
  • Eclipse OAE (DPOAE or TEOAE), ABR (EP25/ASSR), or Balance (cVEMP/oVEMP)
  • Titan with tympanometry software
Female patient looking at computer screen.
Female patient pointing at computer screen.
Computer desks, chairs and equipment.

These systems can be set up in a sound booth, quiet room or on a cart. The configurations are low cost, high return-on-investment solutions that improve access to care and retain patients. A clinic owner can extend satellite days by handling annual re-checks and hearing instrument adjustments remotely from anywhere, and on any day, while reserving in-person satellite clinic days for high-value visits.

The Table Top Quiet Room version of the RAS solution is ideal for tele audiology locations where a sound room is not available. Watch the video to learn more about the set-up.

RAS TT Mobile configurations

Single Monitor Rolling Cart

The RAS TT small space cart is designed to help professionals be there for their patients and maintain infection prevention distancing as the world continues to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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