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OtoAccess® Database

Patient handling made simple

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Database designed for ease of use

Seamless data handling

OtoAccess® Database provides an interface that consolidates your entire workflow. In one interface, you can create new patients, perform your clinical tests and access all your patient data.

Put your patient first

OtoAccess® Database provides a paperless and efficient workflow, which minimizes the risk of human error and leaves more time for patient care.

Ready for EHR integration

OtoAccess® Database offers a platform for integration with HL7-capable electronic health record (EHR) systems. OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 can be purchased as an add-on, which can interpret HL7 messages.

Efficient coordination of patient care

As a solution that can be used standalone or networked, OtoAccess® Database is scalable, supporting the workflow of all sizes of clinics.

Intuitive software

The database is easy to use and has a short learning curve. You can perform patient tests and access patient records in a matter of clicks.

HIPAA, FIPS and GDPR compliant

OtoAccess® Database is compliant with HIPAA and FIPS and has improved data management functionality to allow easier compliance with the GDPR.

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