Lyra OAE device


Clinical OAE made simple
Lyra and the IA OAE Suite combine fast and comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing.

When all you need are otoacoustic emissions

Lyra is the obvious choice when performing clinical otoacoustic emission (OAE) measurements. Its fast and reliable OAE testing will reduce your test times and give you more time for your patients.

Portable yet powerful

It is easy to connect Lyra via USB to your PC and operate it in the IA OAE Suite. Lyra is fully powered by the USB connection, eliminating the need for an external power supply. This together with the small footprint will simplify your work day as you can easily bring the Lyra from one location to another.

Perfect for children and adults

You do not have to worry about different ear sizes or changing probe for different age groups when testing with Lyra. The lightweight probe and variety of ear tips fit into any ear canal size, making Lyra suitable for testing on both children and adult patients.

The automatic in-ear-detection function before, during and after each measurement together with the probe check graph ensure confidence in handling your patient as well as the obtained measurements

Combine DPOAE and TEOAE your way

Whether you prefer DPOAE, TEOAE or a combination, Lyra offers a software suite that meets all your requirements for fast and flexible OAE measurements.

The IA OAE Suite is extremely easy to navigate and ensures a natural and simple workflow. The software also allows for detailed interpretation and analysis of test data, and you can easily switch between DPOAE and TEOAE without exiting the software.

OtoAccess® for easy data storage

The IA OAE Suite runs within OtoAccess® Database. This makes it possible to combine your OAE measurements with other test results of a given patient stored in the database. Lyra and the IA OAE Suite are also compatible with Noah.

Male clinician performing TEOAE in young boy

Ototoxicity monitoring

The IA OAE Suite’s historic overlay function allows you to compare test results over time. This is especially valuable when you perform ototoxicity monitoring.

Have the protocols your way

The IA OAE Suite includes a range of test protocols to suit most patient groups and test purposes. Protocols can also be created or adjusted to suit your specific clinical needs from screening with pass/refer labels to thorough clinical OAE assessments.

Analysis with normative data

The IA OAE Suite enables normative data to be displayed on the DP-Gram or TE response graph to ensure results can be assessed as present and normal, present but abnormal or absent. This allows you to analyze and report on your results with confidence.
Peter Bray, Ph.D.
"Lyra optimizes the way we measure OAEs, in line with Interacoustics’ dedication to deliver OAE instruments that are second to none."
Peter Bray, Ph.D., Interacoustics OAE Specialist
Male clinician performing DPOAE in male patient

Made for OAE professionals by OAE specialists

Many years of experience. Listening to clinicians. Refining every detail. That’s what Lyra is made from.

Comprehensive clinical OAE

The IA OAE Suite offers a variety of testing options making it easy to obtain the most comprehensive clinical OAE measurements.


For DPOAE you can test within the frequency range of 500 Hz to 10 kHz. You can manually select to test additional DP points if more comprehensive information is needed. Individual tests can include up to 32 points in the DPGram for a thorough investigation of cochlear outer hair cell function.

Additionally, you can choose to extend the entire test on the fly in noisy test situations, or extend testing at specific frequencies for further investigation.


The frequency range for TEOAE is 500 Hz to 5.5 kHz. You have the option to choose between bar view, which displays results in half octave bands, and FFT (fast fourier transform) view (up to 8 kHz).

Just as for DPOAE, it is possible to extend the test time during and after testing to obtain the best possible results.

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