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Female clinician performing Advanced Dix-Hallpike maneuver in a young man, who is sat on an examination bed situated in a physical therapy clinic. The man is wearing Video Frenzel goggles with a head sensor mounted. The man is looking toward a computer screen displaying Advanced Dix-Hallpike software. The clinician is looking up toward a large TV screen showing a video image of the patient's eyes.

More than a Frenzel: Do more for your patients with Video Frenzel goggles

20 January 2023
Goggles have long been a valuable tool in vestibular testing, with the newest technology taking it a step further. This ar...
Female clinician in beige shirt stood behind male patient wearing a headband with a sensor mounted. Examination bed and gym equipment visible in the background. The patient is holding a remote and looking toward a laptop screen, performing the gaze stabilization test.

Introducing VisualEyes™ 3.1

22 December 2022
Interacoustics is pleased to announce VisualEyes™ 3.1, which adds many improvements to the existing protocols and some exc...
Man wearing VNG goggles and looking toward TV screen with two red dots

An introduction to Saccadometry

16 December 2022
Table of contents What is Saccadometry? Methodology Parameters Clinical significance Mapping the world with saccade...
Male clinician and male patient looking toward screen with Saccadometry results

IFOS Dubai – ENT World Congress 2023

12 December 2022
Following the last IFOS congress in Paris 2017, the long-awaited IFOS congress in Dubai 2023 is just around the corner, Ja...

New Interacoustics employees September and October 2022

16 November 2022
Welcome aboard to our 8 new colleagues, which you can meet below.   Mia Aabjerg Mia recently joined us as Project Man...

New Interacoustics employees August 2022

29 August 2022
Rest assured, our HR Department have in fact been on holiday during the summer. However, they've also managed to bring in ...
Clinician performing TEOAE in a small baby boy. The boy is on his back with his arms raised above his head. He is looking cheerful and smiling, has a blue pacifier in his mouth, is wearing a blue jumper and covered by a blue blanket.

Limited desktop space in your clinic? 5 reasons why the Titan may be your savior

06 July 2022
A complete, diagnostic audiological test battery may include: Audiometry Tympanometry Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) Au...
Signed ISO 14001 certification for Interacoustics

Interacoustics obtains ISO 14001 environmental standard certification

06 July 2022
ISO 14001 certification ensures a coordinated initiative to enhance Interacoustics’ environmental performance. Interacous...
Male clinician inserting in-situ probe tube into male client's ear

4 ways to ensure correct probe tube placement

29 June 2022
The placement of the probe tube is critical when performing real-ear measurements (REMs), as it serves as your point of re...

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