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Woman wearing vHIT goggles

Discover the power of vestibular testing

11 September 2020
Are you keen to learn more about the benefits of vestibular testing? We have gathered some content that will enhance your ...
Female clinician closing door to rotary chair booth with male patient sitting inside

Subjective visual vertical: A novel approach to otolith assessment

09 September 2020
What is the subjective visual vertical (SVV) test? The subjective visual vertical (SVV) test is a method to test an indiv...
Female clinician performing VNG test on female patient. TV screen showing eye imagery with torsional tracking.

What is the ocular counter roll (OCR) test?

08 September 2020
The eye movements that are mediated by the semicircular canals through the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) are well-known an...
Girl fitted with a cochlear implant

Eclipse eABR for cochlear implant (CI) fitting: A case story

24 August 2020
“Eclipse eABR is a valuable tool in the evaluation of the threshold and functional status of the auditory system,” says ...
Clinician and patient sat in front of a white desk holding the following equipment: 2 PC screens, one of which shows hearing aid fitting software. A Viot video otoscope. A speaker. And an Affinity Compact version 4. The clinician and patient are looking toward each other, with the clinician gesticulating with his hands in an explanatory manner.

Hearing aid fitting in a nutshell

10 March 2020
No one hearing-impaired client is entirely the same. And less so when it comes to fitting hearing aids. From the outset, ...
Man sat at desk with laptop, wires, cables and computer chips

Hearing aid fitting from a DSP engineer's perspective

18 February 2020
He built Interacoustics’ first hearing aid fitting system, MS20, back in 1988. Thirty years after, he played a vital role ...
Dennis Mistry performing otoscopy on his client Cheng

How real ear measurement (REM) improved a hearing aid user's life

05 February 2020
On a trip to Beijing, Dennis Mistry, Audiologist and former Clinical Product Manager, Interacoustics, was asked to help fi...
Male clinician performing DPOAE testing on male patient

Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) for ototoxicity monitoring

03 January 2020
One application for diagnostic otoacoustic emissions is in the use of ototoxicity monitoring. Ototoxic agents include ant...
Male patient inserting REM probe tube into female client's left ear

Trends in hearing aid fitting

02 January 2020
The hearing aid fitting landscape is changing, and likewise the trends we see in this discipline. In some parts of the wo...

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