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Female clinician performing pressurized DPOAE in young boy

Pressurized OAE as part of your clinical test battery

02 August 2019
The first tympanometers in the 1950s were not able to compensate for negative middle ear pressure. This is no longer the c...

Virtual reality for vestibular rehabilitation

11 July 2019
There are big differences between what people call virtual reality (VR) for persons with balance and vestibular disorders....
ASSR hearing test in baby lying down in mother's arms

ASSR testing in less than 20 minutes

23 April 2019
In 2003, Interacoustics launched the Eclipse. A powerful combination of ASSR, ABR and OAE that is still considered state-o...
School children in Malawi

Helping children with hearing loss in Malawi

05 October 2018
In 2018, Interacoustics donated audiological equipment to a work exchange program in Malawi. Two Danish audiologists teste...
Clinician working on laptop which displays a passed DPOAE test

How to improve DPOAE interpretation

12 September 2018
This tip discusses why you need to be careful when analyzing otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) using the traditional signal-to-...
Female clinician performing real-ear measurement in young girl that is sat on her mother's lap

Aided Response or Insertion Gain?

04 July 2018
Hearing aid verification using fitting systems has become very popular since the introduction of digital hearing aids. Re...
Male clinician counseling female client on hearing aid choices using visible speech mapping

Why visible speech mapping?

12 March 2018
Visible speech mapping is a method of showing the benefit of a patient's hearing aid objectively. Using visible speech ma...

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