Clever made compact

Affinity Compact presents a new peak in hearing aid fitting – both technologically and aesthetically.

Made to grow with your business

We have engineered a fully modular solution with four configurations and customizable software. Upgrade down the road as your business needs change.
Affinity Compact


The basic solution for audiometry, real-ear measurement and visible speech mapping. With a weight of only 0.9 kg, it is easy to mount under a table or even take with you.
Affinity Compact


The most compact solution offering audiometry, real-ear measurement and visible speech mapping. It includes an integrated speaker that provides sound stimuli for REM purposes.
Affinity Compact


With RECD and SPL60 compatibility, this is the perfect solution for pediatric testing. The open test box also allows for hearing instrument testing making sure hearing aids are performing correctly.
Affinity Compact


The full clinical solution offering all software modules, including hearing instrument testing. The soft close lid makes Affinity Compact a fully closed test box.
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Made to fit your clinic

Affinity Compact is designed with a clean desk philosophy in mind. This includes solutions for mounting and for cable management.

Affinity Compact is sleek in all regards, offering a market-tested socket selection and hypoallergenic surfaces that make it easy to clean.

In terms of the environment, we have made sure that the unit automatically powers down when not in use.

Lastly, Affinity Compact features an intuitive light indicator that illuminates in various colors, showing which ear you are testing or which state the unit is operating in.

Innovation made beautiful

Fitting made modular

Affinity Compact relies on the fast, user-friendly and well-tested Affinity Suite, and is fully modular and compatible with the audiometry, HIT, REM and visible speech mapping (VSPM) software modules.

Affinity Compact includes a selection of intuitive consultation tools that help improve the patient experience and secure the right patient management.

Combined with its elegant exterior, Affinity Compact truly is ‘Clever made compact’.

Software made intuitive

Include your patients and their loved ones in the hearing aid fitting process.

The Affinity Suite provides counseling tools including images and phonemes, all of which give the patient a better understanding of his or her hearing function.

A better understanding on behalf of the patient will enable better counseling. This will reduce the amount of visits, as fewer patients receive incorrect fitting.

Finally, Affinity Compact's extensive counseling tools include present family members or friends in their loved one's rehabilitation.


The audiometry module (AC440) offers advanced diagnostic testing in a simple and user-friendly layout.

Full test battery

You can tailor the test battery to your needs with licensed special tests. As a supplementary to AC440's basic tests, you can settle with only buying the licenses that you require.

Ambient Noise

The Ambient Noise microphone remains active during your audiometric tests to give you an indication of the environment in relation to the thresholds you are storing. This gives you further confidence regarding the quality of your measurements ahead of making a diagnosis.

Audiometry up to 20 kHz

Audiometry is more than 250 Hz - 8 kHz. Hearing aids can perform above this range. As such, Affinity Compact can test up to 20 kHz, which is useful for early intervention, ototoxic monitoring, tinnitus matching and hearing aid fitting.

Free field adjustment

The free field adjustment feature uses a dedicated microphone and several stimuli to refresh the stimulation, ensuring you get a quality and accurate free field stimulus every time.

Real-Ear Measurement

The REM module (REM440) is an essential verification tool that facilitates a perfect and professional fitting according to the individual client's ear canal response and pathology.

Objective verification

Real-ear measurements give you a true and objective account of what the hearing aid is doing inside the client's ear. REM440 is a reliable fitting tool, which is suitable for all types of hearing aids.

Binaural REM

Binaural REM enables simultaneous fitting in both ears. This halves the time it takes you to do the fitting as you are measuring and fine tuning both ear- sides at the same time.

Hearing Aid Transition test

Hearing Aid Transition measurements allow you to copy the performance of the clients' old hearing aids into newer hearing aids, simplifying the upgrade process.

Realistic stimuli

Hearing aids need to manage many different complex sounds. Affinity Compact allows you to use 'life-like' sounds to give the client a true account of how their hearing aid will perform.

Visible Speech Mapping

The visible speech mapping module (VSP440) makes hearing aid performance visible for clients and their support. This helps to give a better understanding of how the hearing aid performs and helps to set their expectations.


Counseling is an essential part of the client-centered hearing aid fitting process. This is where visible speech mapping plays a vital role, as it engages the client with dynamic graphical examples next to the real-ear measurement information.

Visible speech mapping

Merge real-ear measurement and counseling into one easy-to-understand visual display. You can match the amplification to target on an aided display and show real time improvements in comparison with an unaided display.

Hearing Instrument Testing

The HIT module (HIT440) allows for technical verification of all types of hearing instruments.

Superior usability

The specially designed sound-absorbing silicon base provides an ideal material to place your hearing aids. The base can also be easily removed and cleaned.

The sound-proof chamber allows you to test your hearing instruments in challenging situations.

With you through any challenge

HIT440 can conduct technical evaluations of hearing instrument performance. This also includes the possibility of evaluating bone-anchored hearing instruments, using the SKS10 Skull Simulator coupler. Choose from pre-defined ANSI or IEC tests, or create your own.

  • Listen to coupler
  • Built-in test sequences
  • Historical sessions

Smaller. Faster. Better. Stronger.

As technologically powerful as it is visually striking – making it a sound investment, no matter whether you run a single clinic or a national chain.

made human

Easy data management leaves more time for client care.

Affinity Compact is fully compatible with both Noah and OtoAccess®, making it easier to integrate with EMR and EHR systems.

Easy integration

Affinity Compact is easily integrated with other Interacoustics instruments. The Affinity Suite integrates the various measurement modules, enabling shared data to be viewed, stored and printed.

Less hassle, more benefits

In short, Noah and OtoAccess® eliminate the complexity of data management, so you can spend more time on client care, and less on administrative tasks.

Made magazine

Hearing aid fitting is an important discipline within the field of audiology. Affinity Compact is Interacoustics’ latest contribution. Our new solution is the outcome of many years of experience. However, our experience does not come without its responsibilities, nor should it.

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