Training in VNG

3D Eye Movement Recordings for BPPV Testing

10 mins
09 February 2022


In this video Dr. Cammy Bahner discusses the clinical benefits of being able to objectively measure and record torsional eye movements in the assessment of BPPV using VNG goggles. Dr. Bahner presents two case studies which demonstrate how the ability to record all three planes of eye movements improves the diagnostic accuracy of the Dix Hallpike test.


Cammy Bahner
Cammy Bahner is the Director of Audiology-Balance Division for Interacoustics U.S. In her role, she provides clinical training, education, and support for a variety of products, with a primary emphasis in vestibular and electrophysiologic assessment. She provides clinical input for the development of vestibular products. She received her Master’s Degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1999 and her Au.D. from A.T. Still University, AZ School of Health Sciences in 2016. She has served as a guest speaker at state, national and international conventions and is a contributing author on published articles in hearing industry journals. Cammy is currently a member of AAA and ASHA.

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