Training in VNG

Performing Dix Hallpike testing (VNG)

10 mins
29 November 2022


The Dix Hallpike test is the most well known positioning test as it is used to diagnose posterior canal BPPV, the most common variant of BPPV. There are other positioning tests and diagnostic movements but understanding the Dix Hallpike is the first step.

The video shows a patient undergoing a Dix Hallpike examination using VNG goggles.


Dr Michelle Petrak
Dr. Michelle Petrak is the Director of Clinical Audiology for Interacoustics and is a licensed, practicing audiologist in the Chicago area. Dr. Petrak received her Doctorates in Electrophysiology and Biomolecular Electronics from Wayne State University in 1994 and her Masters in Audiology in 1989. Her special areas of expertise include vestibular and balance testing (VNG), electrophysiological techniques (ABR/ASSR/VEMP/ECoG) and pediatric audiology. Dr. Petrak is involved with product development, clinical evaluation testing, publishing, teaching and training on VNG and EP topics. In addition to being employed with Interacoustics, she is also a licensed and practicing audiologist at Northwest Speech and Hearing in Arlington Heights, IL. She continues to lecture extensively, nationally and internationally, and to publish articles in hearing industry journals.

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