Training in VNG

Diagnostic driven rehabilitation strategies for concussion and other disorders

1 - 2 hours
21 September 2023


This course will explore the role of functional vestibular tests for the assessment of concussion and other similar disorders. How the results of these tests can be used alongside the diagnostic test battery in order to develop personalised, progressive rehabilitation programmes will be explored, including how virtual reality and dual tasking can be incorporated into the rehabilitation process.


Learning Objectives

  • Explain how to perform the COBALT test for concussion
  • Describe how to integrate functional test results to develop rehabilitation programmes
  • Describe the use of virtual reality and dual tasking in rehabilitative strategies.


Shelly Massingale
Shelly Massingale, PT, MPT, is a Physical Therapist in Phoenix, Arizona, who works at the Banner Sports Medicine and Concussion Center. She has specialized in vestibular and balance therapy for the past 24 years and has focused her practice solely on concussion since 2013. Shelly went to school at Pepperdine University for her undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine and to the University of Southern California for her master’s degree in Physical Therapy.

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