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The Importance of Vertical and Torsional Eye Movements in the Diagnosis of Vestibular and Neurological Conditions

30 - 60 mins
09 February 2022


In this recorded webinar, Dr. João Lemos explores the limitations of only looking at horizontal eye movements in the assessment of vestibular and neurological conditions. Using video recordings of a range of case studies, Dr. Lemos presents examples of different conditions which benefit from vertical eye movement recordings as well as incorporating the objective measurement of torsional eye movements within the VNG test battery.


A photo of Dr. João Lemos
Dr. João Lemos
Dr. João Lemos, Neurologist and Neuro-Ophthalmologist, has worked in the field of oculomotor testing in neurological patients for 15 years, both as a clinician and researcher. He is based at Coimbra University Hospital Centre, Coimbra, Portugal. Dr. Lemos is the Director of the Neurology of Vision and Balance Unit in the hospital’s Neurology Department, which sees around 1500 neuro-ophthalmological and neuro-otological patients annually. 

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