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BSA Guidance for Positioning Tests (2016)

10 mins
08 February 2022


This document provides guidance and considerations for the assessment of positioning provoked symptoms of dizziness. Indications for testing, contraindications, patient safety issues are highlighted and discussed relative to appropriate test selection. The technique for performing Dix-Hallpike, Side-lying, Roll and Rose test are described and illustrated. Considerations for modifying test techniques to adapt testing in order to assess and treat the older or less mobile patients are also covered, including the utilization of video recording of eye movement to remove optic fixation and improving the accuracy of the diagnosis and differentiating peripheral and central positioning nystagmus. Potential test findings are summarised in tables to help and aid the diagnosis of conditions from the recorded nystagmus. This is a useful summary of positioning testing, with appropriate references for further reading.

Access the document here.


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