Training in VNG

An introduction to Saccadometry

10 - 30 mins
03 November 2023


In this video, you will learn where the core concepts behind the Saccadometry test and the different metrics it measures. Time will be spent on how to interpret the graphs and highlight core conditions which show abnormality in these.


Dr Liz Fuemmeler
Dr. Liz Fuemmeler is a vestibular audiologist and Clinical Product Manager with Interacoustics. She graduated with her doctorate in 2019 from Purdue University and received specialty training in vestibular and balance disorders at Boys Town National Research Hospital and the Mayo Clinic. While at Mayo Clinic, she trained in a concussion evaluation and rehabilitation program, which focused on utilizing vestibular testing to identify the presence and extent of issues following a concussion. Utilizing this training, she established a concussion program at a private practice in Kansas City, MO and participated in interdisciplinary evaluations for the Concussion Management Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She is actively involved in vestibular and concussion research and regularly lectures for local, national, and international conferences. Outside of her role with Interacoustics, she co-hosts a monthly podcast called "A Dose of Dizzy '' that reviews current vestibular protocols and research. She also is the president of the Missouri Academy of Audiology and volunteers with the American Academy of Audiology as an advisor to the national student academy.

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