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Eye Movements with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP)

10 mins
08 February 2022


PSP patients show extremely slow vertical saccades and frequent square wave jerks. Horizontal saccades will end up being affected as well over the course of the disease. Eye movements, particular along the vertical plane will become restricted in the later stages of the disease. Pursuit is also decomposed. But the problem with decomposed pursuit is that any neurodegenerative disorder can provide a delay in pursuits so this finding is not very specific. So, PSP gives you slow vertical saccades and frequent square wave jerks at the initial stages.


A photo of Dr. João Lemos
Dr. João Lemos
Dr. João Lemos, Neurologist and Neuro-Ophthalmologist, has worked in the field of oculomotor testing in neurological patients for 15 years, both as a clinician and researcher. He is based at Coimbra University Hospital Centre, Coimbra, Portugal. Dr. Lemos is the Director of the Neurology of Vision and Balance Unit in the hospital’s Neurology Department, which sees around 1500 neuro-ophthalmological and neuro-otological patients annually. 

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