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Rayleigh Medal Lecture 2019 by Dr Elberling

30 - 60 mins
20 November 2019


This is a video of the full Rayleigh Medal ceremoni and the medal lecture, given by Claus Elberling upon receiving the Rayleigh Medal for 2019. 


Claus Elberling
"Claus Elberling, DSc, began his career in Denmark with an MSc in electronic engineering and a doctor of medical sciences from the University of Copenhagen. His early career focused on research in the area of electrophysiology. He developed tools for better testing and interpretation for a range of electrophysiological tests. Most recently his research has focused on the development of novel stimuli for testing of newborns and infants. He has over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals and numerous international presentations. His contributions to the field of audiology through basic and applied research and his time working in industry have made significant improvements to testing, treatment, and overall patient care."

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