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ABR using level specific CE-Chirp® stimuli in adults

10 mins
07 February 2022


Summary of: Kristensen, S. G., & Elberling, C. (2012). Auditory brainstem responses to level-specific chirps in normal-hearing adultsJournal of the American Academy of Audiology23(9), 712–721.

This paper describes an experimental verification of the proposed level-specific model (ref. 17). The study compares the CE-Chirp with the LS-Chirp (and the standard Click) by recording the ABR from both ears in 10 normal-hearing, young adults (N = 20 ears). Both chirps have an electrical amplitude spectrum which is flat from 350 to 11.300 Hz (the IA CE-Chirp). The ER-3A earphone is used and the recordings are obtained with the Eclipse using a 30 nV background noise stop criteria and weighted averaging. The ABR amplitude, latency, and waveform are evaluated. The results clearly demonstrate the advantage of the LS-Chirp over the CE-Chirp at levels above 60 dB nHL.

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