Training in ABR

Course: ABR Correction Factors

This course explores the importance of correction factors in ABR testing.
1 - 2 hours
27 August 2021


You will learn about the different types of correction factors available, the scientific basis of these values, and how to implement them in clinical practice.

The course can be used as CPD content for the: 

  • US (AAA) 0.15 CEUs
  • UK (BAA) by completing a self-reflection 
  • Australia (AA) by completing a self-reflection

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the derivation of ABR correction factors
  • Understand the different ABR correction factors available for different clinical scenarios
  • Be able to implement ABR correction factors in clinical practice


A photo of Amanda Goodhew
Amanda Goodhew
Amanda holds a Master's degree in Audiology from the University of Southampton, where she now teaches as a Visiting Academic. She has extensive experience holding senior audiologist positions in numerous NHS hospitals and clinics, where her primary focus has been pediatric audiology. Her specific areas of interest include electrophysiology (in particular ABR, ASSR and cortical testing), neonatal diagnostics and amplification and the assessment and rehabilitation of patients with autism and complex needs. Amanda has a particular interest in pediatric behavioral assessment and has twice held the Chairperson position for the South London Visual Reinforcement Audiometry Peer Review Group, and is a member of the Reference Group for the British Society of Audiology Pediatric Audiology Interest Group. Amanda also works as an independent technical assessor, undertaking quality assessment for audiological services throughout the UK, and is a member of the expert reference group for the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership on Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss.

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