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Auditory brain stem responses evoked by different chirps based on different delay models

10 mins
07 February 2022


This paper describes a similar experiment as the one above. However, relative to Elberling et al (2010), recordings are obtained from 50 normal-hearing adults, the five Chirps have slightly different durations, the stimulus levels are lifted to 30 and 50 dB nHL, the frequency bandwidth of the stimuli is limited to 8 kHz, and some of the recording characteristics (e.g. HP-filter cut-off) have other values. Despite these differences the main experimental findings are the same as in ref. 15, but the effect of chirp duration on ABR amplitude is not as prominent as seen in ABR responses to different chirp stimuli at three levels of stimulation. The main reason for this result is probably the limited range of stimulus levels that has been used in this study.



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