Outward versus inward head thrusts with video-head impulse testing in normal subjects

10 mins
08 February 2022


Summary of: Nyström, Anastasia; Tjernström, Fredrik; Magnusson, Måns. Outward Versus Inward Head Thrusts with Video-Head Impulse Testing in Normal Subjects: Does it Matter? Otology & Neurotology 36(3):p e87-e94, March 2015. | DOI: 10.1097/MAO.0000000000000698 

The purpose of this study was to compare the VOR responses in healthy, young adults for head impulses generated with outward and inward head thrusts. Two commercially available vHIT systems were used. EyeSeeCam™ by Interacoustics was used to measure the degree of head movement, velocity and gain of the VOR. A slight, but not significant, lower VOR gain was recorded with inward head impulses. However the authors discussed this in relation to alertness, muscular strain, and predictability of inward head impulses. In this small sample no significant differences were measured between recorded VOR responses from either system, and both recordings demonstrated agreement when compared to the gold standard of search-coil technique.

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