Getting Started: vHIT

1 - 2 hours
28 May 2024


This course will provide an introduction into the background, process and interpretation of the Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT). The course will cover the underlying physiology and theory behind vHIT and demonstrate step-by-step how the perform the measurement. Normal and abnormal case-studies will be examined to discuss conclusions and limitations of this assessment technique.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the background theory and physiology behind the Video Head Impulse Test.
  • Describe how to prepare, calibrate and perform the Head Impulse Test.
  • Identify common abnormalities which can be recorded with the Video Head Impulse Test and identify common sources of error.


Michael East
Michael is an Audiologist and Clinical Scientist from the UK with many years of experience working in senior clinical audiology positions within the National Health Service, specialising in both paediatrics and vestibular assessment/rehabilitation. He holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Southampton and Aston University respectively and completed the UK’s National School of Healthcare Science “Scientist Training Programme”; leading to his registration as a Clinical Scientist.

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