vHIT validation by comparing to search-coil data (2014)

10 mins
08 February 2022


Summary of: Agrawal, Yuri; Schubert, Michael C.; Migliaccio, Americo A.; Zee, David S.; Schneider, Erich; Lehnen, Nadine; Carey, John P. Evaluation of Quantitative Head Impulse Testing Using Search Coils Versus Video-oculography in Older Individuals. Otology & Neurotology 35(2):p 283-288, February 2014. | DOI: 10.1097/MAO.0b013e3182995227 

This study compared the measurement of VOR in older populations using the 'gold standard' measure of search-coil measurement with the Interacoustics EyeSeeCam™. Six subjects from the older population (age 70 years and older) were recruited. Simultaneous recordings were made using search coils and EyeSeeCam™ during the same manual head impulses. Overt, covert and anti-compensatory eye movements were captured by both methods and demonstrated significant correlation between VOR gain measurements. In this small sample size of older adults vHIT using the EyeSeeCam™ demonstrated significant correlation with the 'gold standard' measurement by search-coil measurement. This study demonstrates the clinical utility EyeSeeCam™ as a portable office based assessment that extends physiologic vestibular testing in the older population.


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