Beyond bedside testing: Objective functional assessments of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR)

10 - 30 mins
05 October 2022


This presentation from Michelle Petrak Ph.D. CCC-A, will introduce the concept of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR) and how deficits in this reflex can affect people. The bedside functional assessment of the VOR is also discussed, its benefits and short comings. Next Dr. Petrak looks at how adding computerized protocols can advance a clinic and improve these functional assessments. Particular attention is paid to the Computerized Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) test and the Computerized Gaze Stabilization Test (GST). Both of these tests can be performed on the VisualEyesTM system, and the results screen and interpretation are also discussed in this video. This video will introduce a clinician to the concepts they need to understand for creating effective rehabilitation strategies for patients suffering with dizziness and imbalance, especially related to deficits in the VOR.


Dr Michelle Petrak
Dr. Michelle Petrak is the Director of Clinical Audiology for Interacoustics and is a licensed, practicing audiologist in the Chicago area. Dr. Petrak received her Doctorates in Electrophysiology and Biomolecular Electronics from Wayne State University in 1994 and her Masters in Audiology in 1989. Her special areas of expertise include vestibular and balance testing (VNG), electrophysiological techniques (ABR/ASSR/VEMP/ECoG) and pediatric audiology. Dr. Petrak is involved with product development, clinical evaluation testing, publishing, teaching and training on VNG and EP topics. In addition to being employed with Interacoustics, she is also a licensed and practicing audiologist at Northwest Speech and Hearing in Arlington Heights, IL. She continues to lecture extensively, nationally and internationally, and to publish articles in hearing industry journals.

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