How to perform Dynamic Visual Acuity testing

10 mins
05 October 2022


Dynamic Visual Acuity is a common functional assessment of the VOR - You may have come across it in clinical practice using a Snellen chart. In this video you will learn about using a computerized system to improve accuracy, repeatability and objectivity. Darren Whelan will describe how to prepare your patient as well as how to perform the test in a variety of ways – including passive and active movement of the patient. He will also describe two methods to collect the patient response; allowing them to press buttons themselves or having them call out their response so the clinician can mark it in the software.


Darren Whelan
Darren holds an undergraduate degree in Audiology and a master’s degree in Health Science, Neurophysiology and Clinical Research. His resumé counts several clinical positions in the NHS. Prior to his current occupation as an International Clinical Trainer at the Interacoustics Academy, Darren held a clinical and research scientist role, where he investigated patients with auditory and vestibular pathology, and managed a portfolio of research studies.

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