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A solution for every step in your process of identifying and assessing balance disorders.

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Videonystagmography provides ideal conditions for the observation, measurement and analysis of eye movements.
VNG Software and Goggle solutions:
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Rotary Chairs

The gold standard for a bilateral weakness is rotational chair testing and is often better tolerated with difficult-to-test populations compared to caloric stimulation.
Our Rotary Chair solutions:

Did you know?

Vertigo and dizziness are common and are linked to balance disorders, which have a number of causes.

Dizziness becomes more common in adults as they age, particularly after the age of 40.

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Air Fx & Aqua Stim

Our caloric irrigators can be used as a stand-alone device, or together with our VNG software. Choose between air or water stimuli:

Balance Quest
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TRV Chair

Thanks to its perfect balance, the TRV chair allows the examiner to easily rotate the patient 360 degrees along the plane of each semicircular canal (scc) and to hold the patient in any position for detailed examination of the semicircular canals.
Balance Quest
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Bertec® CDP/IVR™ & Prime™ IVR

Advanced balance rehabilitation with immersive virtual reality. The CDP system is a clinical balance assessment tool that collects and analyzes force and moment data from a balance plate. IVR is a proven method of enhancing the rehabilitation of dizzy patients.

Excel at all steps

Prepare your balance clinic to excel at all steps of the path from identification of balance disorders to a complete and accurate assessment. Then deliver the full rehabilitation potential to your patients.

Good balance is a combination of interactions and signals flowing effectively from our eyes, head and body to our brain, which then integrates these inputs and allows us to move freely and safely.


On first arrival of the patient it is good to check that their outer and middle ear is in good health. Information from the tests ensures that you are confident to proceed with further balance testing.
A photo of a female patient that is undergoing an audiological evaluation with the Interacoustics video otoscope Viot.

Video Otoscopy

Otoscopy is a fundamental part of your practice prior to any audiological evaluation.
A photo of a boy having his left middle ear analyzed by a woman with an Interacoustics Titan instrument.


Analyzing the middle ear is an essential part of the pre-examination.
This photo illustrates a senior citizen getting a hearing test with the Interacoustics Callisto.


A hearing loss may be a good indication if something is wrong in the outer or inner ear.

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