Training in Wideband Tympanometry

Wideband tympanometry vs 226 Hz tympanometry in children

10 mins
07 February 2022


This study evaluated the accuracy of acoustic response tests in predicting conductive hearing loss (CHL) in 161 ears of subjects aged 2 to 10 years old. Clinical decision theory was applied to the prediction of CHL within this population. Acoustic tests included 1) tympanometric peak-compensated static admittance magnitude (SA) 2) tympanometric gradient at 226Hz 3) admittance-reflectance measurement (YR). Multivariate statistical techniques were discussed and utilised to analyse the data collected. The multivariate data analysis identified that admittance-reflectance responses yielded an output that predicted the presence of CHL with a calculated sensitivity of 90% with a specificity of 94% and is well suited to the prediction of CHL in clinical populations, and the inclusion of a 226-Hz tympanogram may slightly improve overall test performance.



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