Training in Wideband Tympanometry

Getting started: Wideband Tympanometry in Pediatrics

1 - 2 hours
21 December 2021


In this course, Jack Bennett, International Clinical Trainer, will explore how to integrate wideband tympanometry into clinical pediatric practice, looking at how to utilise the results obtained to improve interpretation of the middle ear status.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why wideband tympanometry should be integrated into pediatric clinical practice
  • How to perform wideband tympanometry on pediatric patients
  • Understand the fundamentals of interpreting wideband tympanometry results in the pediatric population


Jack Bennett
Jack is an Audiologist, clinical trainer and lecturer from the UK. Having studied Audiology at Aston University he gained experience in clinical diagnostic Audiology at Worcester Royal Hospital and extensive rehabilitative Audiology experience for a private Audiology company. He has been teaching and training in Audiology for much of his career, starting as a mentor and developing into managing the continuous training of other Audiologists. He has taught clinical Audiology in many countries around the world with his work as an International clinical Trainer with the Interacoustics Academy. Through clinical education and international conference speaking he has introduced new concepts and tests to multiple countries as well as updating and progressing the diagnostics of experienced clinicians and medics. His work at Interacoustics UK as the Clinical Manager has Jack managing the various educational activities both for internal staff and in formal update training for Audiologists and medics in the UK. Jack’s academic teaching started at Aston University and now as an Honorary teaching fellow he teaches on various topics such as vestibular diagnostics and techniques in auditory rehabilitation at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is the module leader for the Psychoacoustics module on the Educational Audiology course at Mary Hare school/Hertfordshire University and also lecturers on other modules in Anatomy, Physics of Sound and Diagnostic techniques.

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