Training in Wideband Tympanometry

Course: Wideband Tympanometry for Intermediates

1 - 2 hours
21 December 2021


This course explores the topic of wideband tympanometry, its clinical utility and evidence base. It is set at an intermediate level and contains a variety of case studies which covers the different conditions which can be detected by wideband tympanometry

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of wideband tympanometry for a range of clinical scenarios
  • Be able to summarise the key research findings in the field of wideband tympanometry
  • Explore, through case study examples, how wideband tympanometry is implemented in clinical practice


Jim Schilling
Jim Schilling was CEO & President of Medical Technologies for over 30 years before joining the Interacoustics Academy as Product Applications Manager. He continues to support the audiological medical devices industry as a consultant.

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