How to Apply Masking in IA-AMTAS

10 mins
11 January 2021


Masking is applied in IA-AMTAS using a proprietary masking method developed by the researchers behind AMTAS as a test technique. In the settings of IA-AMTAS you can decide whether or not to apply masking. You will notice that if you apply masking then the result will be a masked audiogram at all frequencies. This tells us that masking was implemented throughout the entire test and therefore IA-AMTAS does not follow the same masking procedure as traditional manual audiometry. Remember the quality indicator to look at with regards to masking is the masker alert rate. This will tell you if there has been a risk of under-masking or over-masking throughout the test.


Leigh Martin
Leigh Martin is a British Audiologist and adjunct lecturer at the University of Cork, Ireland. Clinically, he has worked in the National Health Service specializing in paediatric audiology as well as vestibular diagnostics and rehabilitation. Leigh has also sat on the board of directors for the British Academy of Audiology. Since 2013, Leigh has supported the growth and development of the Interacoustics Academy and holds the position of Director of the Academy. Leigh has presented at numerous scientific conferences and meetings across a diverse range of audiological topics as well as having published papers in both video head impulse testing (vHIT) and wideband tympanometry.

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