Audible Contrast Threshold: Introduction

1 - 2 hours
27 November 2023


This course will introduce you to the Audible Contrast Threshold: ACT test. The ACT test is designed to help understand the needs of patients with hearing loss with their number complaint - hearing in noise. It is a language independent test and it only takes 2 minutes to complete. You can use the ACT value in two ways:

1. Program the hearing aids' advanced features for the best outcomes.

2. Counsel the patient on how well they will hear in noise

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the ACT test was developed.
  • Understand how to perform the ACT test in clinic.
  • Understand how to use the ACT value to help your patients.


Søren Laugesen
Søren Laugesen holds a Ph.D. in Acoustics and Signal Processing from the Technical University of Denmark. Søren has more than 23 years of experience within acoustics research, currently serving as a Senior Research Engineer at the Interacoustics Research Unit (IRU).

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