Equinox 2.0 PC-based audiometer

Equinox 2.0

PC-based audiometry made perfect

Equinox 2.0 is a two-channel, PC-based audiometer. It can perform advanced clinical audiometry and interfaces with databases and electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Equinox 2.0 seen from behind, displaying the plugs available

A complete test battery

PC-based audiometer

Equinox 2.0 is a user-friendly, PC-based clinical audiometer. Its flexibility allows for easy customization to fit with your workflow.
  • Full clinical test battery with dedicated screen layouts.
  • Pre-programmed, user-defined, or automated test sequences.
  • PC integration for printing and storage.
  • Patient counseling tools.
  • Integration with the Viot™ video otoscope.

  • Print Wizard - fully customizable reports.
You can also add a hearing aid fitting option to your Equinox 2.0. This includes real-ear measurement (REM), hearing instrument testing (HIT), and visible speech mapping (VSPM) modules.
Pure tone audiometry software screen

Pure tone audiometry

  • Air conduction: hearing level (HL), most comfortable level (MCL), and uncomfortable loudness level (UCL).
  • Bone conduction.
  • Pure-tone average (PTA) calculation.
  • Display of masking information.
  • Free-field audiometry.
  • Tinnitus assessments.
  • Multiple counseling overlays.
  • Compare multiple audiograms.
Speech audiometry software screen

Speech audiometry

  • Live voice, CD, built-in speech materials or MP3.
  • Speech recognition threshold (SRT), word recognition, MCL, UCL.
  • Binaural speech for CAPD applications.
  • Tone audiogram display in speech screen.
  • Table or graph speech representation.
  • Speech-in-quiet and speech-in-noise.
  • Quick speech-in-noise (QuickSIN™) test option.

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