Event. Vestibular Rehabilitation Workshop: Virtual Reality and Virtualis Technology

  • Date:
    21 October 2024
  • Location:
    Middelfart, Denmark


This workshop will link the diagnostic assessment to the latest technologies that support the objective functional assessment of the patient. The workshop will cover the identification of VOR deficits, the evaluation of functional changes in the VOR response, and objective measures of reported unsteadiness and / or impairments in postural control.

The combination of diagnostics and objective functional assessments will give practitioners valuable insights to guide retraining strategies and exercises and make individualised adaptions to facilitate symptom reduction.

The content will be delivered through lecture based learning, combined with hands on practical appliction using the latest technologies. Clinicians will also learn through case based discusions how to create and adapted individualised vestibular rehabilitation programmes.

Target participants:
Otolaryngologists, audiologists, vestibular physiotherapists and any other healthcare professionals seeking to establish or enhance a vestibular rehabilitation program. Existing Virtualis clients invited to an end-user training framework course.

Prerequisite knowledge:
Clinicians with experience in vestibular diagnostics and treating patients with vestibular dysfunction, or healthcare professionals working in a vestibular rehabilitation service wanting to enhance their clinical programme.

Price: 1000 EUR

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