How to perform DPOAE with Sera™

15 February 2022
10 mins

Prepare the equipment

  1. Turn on Sera™ by pressing the home/power button

  2. Select a new or existing patient on the device or use the Quick Test option.

  3. Select the DPOAE test protocol from the list.

  4. Select the ear for testing

  5. Press the Test button to start the test.


Test environment

The ideal test environment for OAE testing is a quiet room. Loud ambient background noise adversely affects OAE measurements.


Prepare the baby

The baby should be sleeping or in a quiet and relaxed state. Sucking, blinking, crying or movement may affect testing.


Place transducer

Place an ear tip onto the probe tip and place the probe in the ear. Avoid holding onto the probe during the measurement as this can produce noise that may affect the test result.


Run test

Press the Test button



PASS result

When the pass criteria for the test is reached, a is displayed in green above the measurement, indicating the test has PASSED.

REFER result

When the pass criteria for the test is not reached within the measurement time, page1image1847696is displayed in amber above the measurement, indicating the test is a REFER.


If the test is stopped before a PASS or REFER is generated by the system, page1image1842704is displayed above the measurement indicating that the test is INCOMPLETE.



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