Mounting the Eartip Adaptor

15 February 2022
  1. Remove the nipple from the insert phone tubing. 
  2. Mount the eartip adaptor ensuring it is inserted into the tubing completely. Place an eartip on the adaptor before use.
  3. Ensure that the eartip adaptor is not blocked with vernix or cerumen after use. For cleaning, follow the instructions below.

Cleaning the eartip adaptor

  1. Unplug the eartip adaptor from the insert phone tubing and use the cleaning floss that comes with the adaptor kit (8003566).
  2. Thread the stiff end of the cleaning floss into the eartip adaptor tube from the back. Now pull the cleaning floss completely through tube. Repeat if necessary.

    If the adaptor is severely contaminated with cerumen or vernix, replace the adaptor with a new one (part no. 8500580) to ensure correct usage.



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