AT235 diagnostic and clinical tympanometer


Middle ear assessment made ideal

The AT235 is an automatic middle ear analyzer ideal for both diagnostic and clinical evaluations. The device also includes pure tone audiometry and the Modified Hughson Westlake audiometry test.
  • +400 to -600 daPa.
  • Direct printing to PC printers.
  • User-defined protocols.
  • HDMI output.
  • Child distraction function.
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Test batteries

AT235 combines tympanometry and basic audiometry in one powerful device. Choose between two versions.


  • 226 Hz tympanometry.
  • Ipsilateral acoustic reflex testing.
  • Contralateral acoustic reflex testing.
  • Eustachian tube function (ETF) test in non-perforated tympanic membranes.
  • ETF test in perforated tympanic membranes.
  • Reflex Decay.
  • Pure tone audiometry.
  • Modified Hughson Westlake audiometry test.


  • Basic AT235.
  • 678, 800 and 1000 Hz tympanometry.
  • Manual tympanometry.
  • ETF test Patulous Eustachian tube (PET).
  • Reflex Latency.

Great overview of test results

The 10" adjustable color display provides a great overview of the measurements where you can see several test results on the same screen.
Woman pressing on wall-mounted AT235 diagnostic and clinical tympanometer

Flexible use and mounting

You can use AT235 as a desk unit or wall-mounted unit.
  • Internal memory that can store up to 500 clients and 50,000.
  • Optional SYNC model for integration with OtoAccess® or Noah.
  • You can connect a printer to the AT235 eliminating the need for a PC.
  • Child distraction function to help distract children while obtaining tympanograms and acoustic reflexes. AT235 can present a train moving across the lower part of the screen.
  • Optional carrying case.
  • Male clinician using clinical probe to perform middle ear assessment on young female patient

    Clinical middle ear assessment

    The clinical probe is ideal for more lengthy measurements where stability is important and noise from rattling should be avoided.
  • Male clinician using diagnostic probe to perform middle ear assessment on young female patient

    Diagnostic middle ear assessment

    The diagnostic probe is handheld and ideal for quick tympanograms and acoustic reflex screening.

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