How to Perform DPOAE

15 February 2022
10 mins

1. Test environment

The ideal test environment is a quiet room.


2. Preparing the patient

Place the patient in a position that will allow easy access to the ear canal. Use the shirt clip on the probe cable to secure the probe to clothing or bedding. The patient should remain still and quiet while the test is being performed. If a baby is tested, ensure it is sleeping or in quiet relaxed state. Sucking, blinking, crying or movement may affect testing.


3. Preparing the equipment

Turn on the OtoRead™ by pressing the down button

To change the selected protocol press CHANGE at the Main Menu. The Change Protocol Display will appear. Use the page1image1707056CHANGE arrow buttons to change the selected protocol

Press the page1image1707264UP arrow to return to the Main Menu to begin testing.

To begin a test, insert the probe into the ear and select either the page1image1707472LEFT or RIGHT arrow key to indicate the ear to be tested.


4. The probe

Place the probe in the ear and then press the page1image1707680LEFT or RIGHT page1image1707888arrow key to begin the test – the test will proceed automatically if the probe fit is stable.

To replace the probe tube, use the ear tip to grasp the probe tube (the clear plastic tube) and twist slightly while pulling the probe tube straight out of the probe head.

Dispose of the used probe tube immediately to avoid confusing used tubes with new tubes. Take a new probe tube from the package and insert the tube into the probe head until it is fully seated. A properly inserted probe tube will snap securely into place when it is fully seated in the probe head.


5. Test results


PASS result

PASS – when the set criterion for a pass is reached, PASS is displayed in green above the measurement.

REFER result

REFER – when the set criterion for a pass is not reached within the measurement time, REFER is displayed in amber above the measurement.



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