Caring for the Micro-Probe

15 February 2022
10 mins
This instruction outlines how to care for the OtoRead™ Micro-Probe. Failure to care for the probe correctly can lead to unnecessary damage.

The OtoRead™ Micro-Probe


The OtoRead™ micro-probe utilizes a disposable probe tube (probe tip) design. Removal and replacement of the probe tube is fast and easy, saving the clinician time spent on cleaning a contaminated probe tube.

The probe tube is designed to be disposed of and replaced when debris (e.g., wax, vernix etc) clogs the end that is exposed to the patient’s ear canal



When to replace the probe tube

The probe tube does not need to be replaced after each patient, but it is important to inspect the probe tube before each test to ensure it is clear and free of debris.

If you notice the following, remove the probe tube, dispose of it, and replace it with a new one:

  • Wax or debris is visible in the end of the probe tube after testing

  • The test will not progress past the probe check phase


Important care tips

1. Do not attempt to clean the probe tube. This may cause damage to the probe!

2. Do not remove the probe tube, turn it around and insert it again – this can cause wax/debris to get into the probe body which will cause damage to the probe.

These two probes were damaged due to improper care. Notice the wax/debris stuck to the microphone/speaker mesh inside the probe body. Likely cause is contaminated probe tubes being turned around and re-inserted into the probe body. Such damage is not covered by warranty.


3. If the probe tube is removed from the probe body and then re- used, it will not fit as well as on its initial placement and may affect test results.

4. Dispose of the used probe tube immediately to avoid confusing used tubes with new tubes.

5. Never insert any instruments into the probe body. Damage to the microphone and/or speaker is likely to occur.



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