Interacoustics Expand their VRA Family with VRA Pure

Last year, Interacoustics launched the two visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) solutions – VRA201 and VRA Screen. Now they have expanded the VRA family with a new, easy-to-use VRA solution: VRA Pure – a software version of VRA Screen, allowing even more children to be tested with an interactive hearing test.

Many hearing care professionals experience that it can be difficult to test young children. Some will not sit still, and others are not mature enough to press a response button in pure tone audiometry. That’s where VRA comes in as a simple, behavioral test suited for young children.

Through visual reinforcers, VRA encourages the patient to take part in the test. It’s fun for the child and gives the clinician more time for hearing threshold estimation.

Helle Jensen, MSc Audiology, and Clinical Product Manager at Interacoustics, explains:

VRA is a method to test children from 4-36 months of age. The child is conditioned with sound from a speaker and when the child turns his/her head toward the sound, the clinician rewards the child with a toy, image or video depending on the VRA variant. VRA is helpful in young children, as it is a fun and interactive way of testing.


Simple and easy-to-use VRA solution

As with VRA Screen, VRA Pure includes interactive animal videos with sound, providing both auditory and visual stimuli as rewards. VRA Pure also includes a playlist creator, which provides endless opportunities and the ability to tailor the reward to the child in question.

But what makes VRA Pure unique is that only one PC is needed, as you can operate your audiometer and the VRA software from the same PC in two ways:

  • On-top mode
  • Keyboard shortcuts


Main VRA Pure features

  • One-PC operation with on-top mode or keyboard shortcuts
  • Choose between static and moving images
  • Make the test fun with animal animations with sound
  • Use the default playlists or create your own with the VRA Playlist Creator


To learn more about VRA Pure, head to, or watch the video below.

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