Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASSR?

An auditory steady-state response (ASSR) is an electrophysiological response that is evoked by a periodically repeated (rapid) auditory stimulus.

An ASSR typically uses frequency specific stimuli (0.5, 1, 2, 4 kHz) with the goal of creating an estimated audiogram. In other words, it is a test used for performing a threshold assessment.

What is ABR?

The Auditory Brainstem Response is an Evoked Potential that originates at the auditory nerve (Cranial Nerve VIII).

This test is used to assess the auditory system’s function from the cochlea through the brainstem.

What is ECochG?

Electrocochleography (ECochG) is a measure of the electrical potentials of the cochlea. Typically, the measurement is characterized by the stimulus onset (baseline), the response of the cochlea to the stimulus (summating potential - SP), and response to the synchronous firing of nerve fibers (action potential - AP).

What is eABR?

An electrical Auditory Brainstem Response (eABR) is a measurement of the ABR using an electrical stimulus. Instead of a traditional acoustic stimulus the cochlear implant (CI) or auditory brainstem implant (ABI) provides the stimulus that evokes the ABR.

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"Our clinical study on infants and toddlers found that the Eclipse ASSR was faster and produced lower thresholds than our best ABR protocol."

Yvonne S. Sininger
Ph.D. Emeritus Professor in Residence, UCLA

"The Eclipse has the largest number of clinically-relevant features of any AEP device today. The platform is an excellent blend of parameter flexibility and user-friendliness."

Todd B. Sauter - (Stockphoto)
Audiology Associates of Worceste Massachusetts

"In 2005 we started to use the Interacoustics Eclipse EP-25 which as a turning point for us. A very user-friendly interface, fast and reliable equipment."

Marcelo Ribeiro de Toledo Piza
MD, MSc, Brazil

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